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KOB Winter 2020 Limited edition released

Today we are exited to share the KOB Winter collection 2020. This is a limited edition and will only be sold in the Winter of 2020. Only 100 items of this edition will be sold - EVER. Get yours now! October 18, 2020
Kings of Beasts winter 2020 edition poster

A new group of Lions in town

2020 gave birth to a new group of Lions, October 18, 2020
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Kings! These new lions will bring

Back in the time we've could have a real understanding of a King. For us we don't know so much what's a kingdom or a King. We live "in a world of fragmentation where the majority of the people don't appriciate or care about so much the person that's running things. At that time the King was the people, meaning that all people were part of the King, the King loved the people with his whole heart, he would do anything for them. He was not just a politician, but he was a warior, a general on the front lines, he would die for his people, he was a singer, a writer, a poët all these different things. A real person"

Quoted from the song - Refuge, Matisyahu

I AM Lion

October 18, 2020

Kings! These new lions will bring


Behing the Scenes

Building the concept, teaser vid October 18, 2020



I AM Lion

A King of beasts, most active at night. I live in a variety of habitats. Unique in my kind as I live in groups. My territoy well-defined, and strictly defended.

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